Amélie was born in 1985 and grew up in the Burgundian countryside.
She comes to Paris in 2004 to follow artistic studies and integrates the Estienne school (ESAIG) for a two-year technical degree of visual Communication.
Once she's graduated, she started working as an illustrator and her first album 100 reasons for taking the life of the good side! is published by Le Seuil Jeunesse in 2012.
In her work, she enjoies looking for simple and effective graphisms, that can remind of vintage images.
She grants a big importance for the composition of her images and for the choice of her colors which she wants to be very brightful.
She collaborates regularly with the child press, in particular Bayard and Milan. And so far she has published about ten albums at editors like Hatier, milan, bayard, le Seuil, Frimousse…