For Eric, drawing has been as natural as breathing since he was old enough to hold a pencil. He graduated from ESAG (Ecole Supérieure d'Arts Graphiques), where he developed his brilliant sense of layout and design as well as a special liking for the collage technique while working with the outstanding poster artist Roman Cieslewicz.
His first illustrations were for the press (Lui, 7 à Paris, Cosmopolitan and Libération), where he showed great versatility both in style (collage, gouache, colored pencils, line drawings...) and subject matter - from fashion and literature to economy and current affairs... all the while remaining personal and original.
True success came in 1996, with the first of his illustrations published by Elle. The challenge of an almost weekly contribution in a context of mutual trust allowed Eric to shape his distinctive style into an image-making trademark for the magazine.
His work met with wide acclaim, both at home and on the international scene. In France, it resulted in monthly contributions to Le Monde, Télérama, Paris Match, Psychologies Magazine, Perso, CB News, Première, Les Echos, Le Nouvel Observateur, L'Etudiant, Phosphore, Nova...
In Germany he contributed to weeklies such as Focus, Petra, Eltern, Journal für die Frau, Brigitte and others; in the US, to Better Homes and Gardens, The Oreganian, and The Economist. And the rest of the world, from Russia to Japan and Australia, he reached through Elle International.
His publishing credits include illustrations for Nathan (L'Argent de poche/Pocket Money), Microsoft Press (Winning Entrepreneurs) as well as numerous book covers for important French publishers...
In the advertising field, his illustrations were snapped up by companies such as Banque Populaire, L'Oréal, Wanadoo, Yahoo, Mediasig, France Télécom, Monaco Télécom, EDF, Cortal, Oracle, Accenture, La Poste, La Caisse des Dépôts and Epad.
He just completed a US campaign for Celltech and is being solicited by a large American chain of luxury department stores, as well as a German one.
He also lends his hand to fashion, enriching the creation of young designers with his drawings, such as Ralph Kemp's famous spider and Dominique Lila's Winter 2003 collection.
In short, everybody wants his quirky, poetic drawings and collages, while he keeps on refining his artistic playfulness.