Born in Paris, Lucile Prache, fascinated by images, discovers the infinite possibilities of graphic techniques during her studies at ESAG. But before that, at the age of 15, she took classes in a workshop, where she learns the screenprinting, its velvety and brilliant colors in direct tone, the home-made printing on the most beautiful papers, and especially the intervention of fate which gives a poetic shape to the image. This experience is determining for her, and all her work since will be inspired by it.

Graduated of Penninghen, she joins Michel Maidenberg to create the graphic design studio Klaxon in the 80s. Together, they win their first ad campaign, posters 4X3 for Europe 1. Numerous interventions will follow in advertising (Announcements for Charles Jourdan, Société Générale, Galleries Lafayette) and the press. In the dissolution of the group, Lucile Prache works for Marie Claire, Biba, Dép^che Mode, Avantages, Phosphore, Muze, and collaborates every month for the magazine "Jeune et Jolie" since his creation until his last number in 2010. In 2006 and 2009 she illustrates two special numbers of Psychologies magazine.

She likes the different mediums and draws patterns for the brand ET VOUS (2004), silhouettes for the summer window of the store Longchamp in 2005, scarfs for two collections Cacharel in 2000, then pursues her collaboration with Corinne Sarrut and her brand. She will create so for her shop, her line of stationery and bags as well as patterns for women clothing. Since several seasons she draws the leather and silhouettes for the tendency books of the CTC.

In 2004, she illustrates the cookbook " les petites toques LE NÖTRE " (Le Cherche Midi). It is the beginning of a work in watercolor. Her flowers are published in postcards by Nouvelles Images, and the Canadian magazine " Glow " asks her to collaborate for beauty and cooking publications done in this style.
Recently, the creators of jewelry " Triian " in Miami ordered her for their web site an interpretation of their summer collection 2011 in watercolor, and the original drawings for their showroom.

In April 2011, the magazine of fashion and independent art from Hong-Kong " Little Thing " dedicates 4 pages to her culinary work of illustrations and botany.