With a diploma from Beaux Arts under his belt, MH made his first steps in drawing cartoons for the Press.
He soaks up news and brings it in to his drawings with off beat humour and irony. His work is published in several regional newspapers.
MH gradually moved towards graphic design and settled in free-lance. For several years he mingled with the advertising world and regularly took on work through agencies.
Meanwhile little people continued to move in his head, desperately seeking a way out. One fine day he decides to listen to what they had to tell him and brought them to life by putting them down on paper. In no time at all, the plain white surface of paper wasn’t enough for them to shine.
Lacking any capacity for algorithmes, M developed a home-grown, entirely handcrafted 3D! By mixing techniques from modelling, drawing and photography he has managed to create a whole new universe in which he can freely express himself.