Peggy has always loved fashion and the press. After spending several years in an advertising agency were she learned to use several software tools - she started working independently and returned to her great passion: fashion illustration.
For 3 years now she has been contributing regularly to French and international women's magazines such as Jeune et Jolie, Wallpaper*, Spoon, Cosmogirl, Marie-Claire, DS and Femme.
She often designs the flyers for the open house nights at the Elysée Montmartre, a hip Parisian nightclub.
Peggy has taken part in happenings in the fashion world such as painting on a billboard for Caterpillar and Who's Next.
In the advertising field, companies such as Julien d'Orcel, Dim, Le Quai des Marques, Evian and Biotherm have already relied on her talents. Peggy has also published a collection of postcards.
This is not the full list of clients as Peggy is amazingly creative and a well of energy!