Fashion sketch

Virginie can provide over thirty illustrators with eclectic styles to illustrate fashion magazines, advertising campaigns, story boards and food packaging.

The Virginie illustration agency promotes all forms of contemporary graphic illustration: from the illustration of food packaging to the design of a 3D mascot, a line drawing or animation by a well known graphic designer working in our studios. Our artists and roughmen are available to help you with your graphic design and illustration projects.

Virginie : an incubator for graphic designers, providing services to publishers.

The majority of the graphic illustrators working with the Virginie Agency prefer to work in publishing, particularly with women's magazines. We encourage contemporary artistic creation. Let yourself be tempted by a Philippe Grimaud line drawing, or one by Marjolaine Roller, or by the different sensitivities of Kristel Fréon.

Virginie : graphic design illustration for the food sector.

The Virginie illustration and design agency works with advertising agencies and the food industry to provide graphic designs and illustrations for visual advertising on packaging, particularly food packaging. We can provide work by graphic artists specialising in 3D illustration, like Julien Sylvestre, or photomontage with Pascal Durand.