Line drawing

Virginie can provide over thirty illustrators with eclectic styles to illustrate fashion magazines, advertising campaigns, story boards and food packaging.

Virginie, means an array of well known artists, pioneers of contemporary art, capable of using their original graphic design skills to optimise any project you may be working on. Fashion illustrations, women's magazines, food packaging or scenario story boards. Our studios can provide a graphic artist who is sensitive to your creations and will add value to your business

Virginie : talented graphic artists for publishing and the media.

The majority of the graphic illustrators working with the Virginie Agency prefer to work in publishing, particularly with women's magazines. We encourage contemporary artistic creation. Let yourself be tempted by a Philippe Grimaud line drawing, or one by Marjolaine Roller, or by the different sensitivities of Kristel Fréon.

Virginie : revisiting food sector packaging design and illustration.

You need an original idea for an illustration for your food packaging? The Virginie illustration agency can provide talented graphic artists to illustrate the food packaging for your marketing campaign. Or why not try a 3D mascot, the latest creation in graphic drawing techniques.