Photomontage agency

Virginie is a pioneer of contemporary and innovative illustration. The agency can provide avant garde artists to add value to your food packaging illustration, editorial or advertising projects.

The Virginie illustration agency promotes all forms of contemporary graphic illustration: from the illustration of food packaging to the design of a 3D mascot, a line drawing or animation by a well known graphic designer working in our studios. Our artists and roughmen are available to help you with your graphic design and illustration projects.

Virginie : an incubator for graphic designers, providing services to publishers.

If you are a press editor looking for a graphic artist for a fashion illustration or to illustrate a specialist magazine, Virginie can provide line drawings, fashion sketches or other collage illustrations for women's magazines, made by leading creative contemporary graphic designers and illustrators.

Virginie : revisiting food sector packaging design and illustration.

You need an original idea for an illustration for your food packaging? The Virginie illustration agency can provide talented graphic artists to illustrate the food packaging for your marketing campaign. Or why not try a 3D mascot, the latest creation in graphic drawing techniques.