After studying Graphic Arts in the ESAG, Pascal Durand began with illustration for children, then with artistic direction in a production company of cartoons. Becoming freelance, Pascal continued with press drawing (political caricatures), then in advertising where he is now roughman and graphic designer on 2D and 3D software.
Finalized images (realistic - 3D - hyperréaliste) or removed (sketch-ink), pictures and special effects in photomontage and retouch photo, still-life, automobile, landscapes, animals, creation of characters (human beings, mascots, caricatures, monsters, in 3D, 2D or style BD), his work is wide!
Finally, Pascal Durand worked for Intersport, Michelin, SportLeader, Mio, Leroy Merlin, Audi, EDF, Costa, SG, Renault...